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All Pkmncollectors rules apply.
I was granted sales permission on December 17, 2015 by areica96, and my feedback page can be found here.

> I ship from Michigan, USA
> I will not sell to those who are banned from Pkmncollectors
> I accept Paypal only at this time
> Prices are marked in USD and do not include shipping or paypal fees
> Items come from a completely smoke free home. I have 2 cats and 3 dogs but I try my best to keep them away from my items.

Purchasing & Shipping

> Item must be paid within 48 hours after I have given you a quote. I can hold an item longer if need be, but if you don't contact me about it, I will put the item up for sale again once the allotted time has passed.
>I currently ship inside the US only.
> I ship out 2-3 times a week, I also do eBay so expect quick shipping
> Message me at time of purchase if you would like tracking on your shipment
> I'm also very open to haggling, but please offer fairly
> Items are first come first serve once my sales post is up
> Backing out of a purchase with or without contact will result in a negative feedback

1999 Banpresto Lapras Plush
Plush has quite a bit of paint loss on the eyes, but in good condition otherwise.

20.00 OBO

1999 Banpresto Bellossom Plush
Plush is missing the fabric that goes in the middle of it's left head petal, and has a small stain on the middle of the forehead.

15.00 OBO

US Release Marill Kutakuta
Plush is in great condition. Tush tag only.

60.00 OBO

Mew Friends Plush
Plush is in great condition.

16.00 OBO

Rare Banpresto Charmander Finger Puppet
Plush is in great condition. Never seen one of these for sale before!

20.00 OBO

Toy Factory Shaymin NWT- 8.00 SOLD
Banpresto Halloween Croagunk (Shopro sticker has been peeled off, but I can assure you it is legit)- 14.00 SOLD
Regular Banpresto Croagunk- 11.00
Giratina Banpresto NWT- 22.00

Jakks Croagunk- 2.50
Hasbro Iysaur- 6.00 SOLD
Squirtle Treat Keeper- 3.50

Toy Factory Happiny- 4.00
Toy Factory Turtwig- 4.00
Toy Factory Lickilicky NWT- 8.00
Toy Factory Piplup- 4.00
Toy Factory Pikachu NWT- 3.00
Toy Factory Manaphy NWT- 6.00

Toy Factory Pikachu (Left)- 5.00
Toy Factory Pikachu (Right)- 4.00
Toy Factory Charmander NWT- 12.00
Toy Factory Shinx- 10.00

2004 Banpresto Pikachu TTO- 14.00 OBO
Pikachu Slippers (Size Children's 13)- 6.00
Oshawott Keychain Plush on Card- 3.00

Hasbro Snorlax - 2.50 each (2 available)
Hasbro Psyduck- 3.00
Hasbro Meowth- 3.00
Tepig Keychain Plush on Card (Plush is detatched from keychain)- 2.00

Burger King Gyarados- 5.00
Burger King Poliwhirl- 2.50
Tepig Keychain Plush (Loose)- 2.00

Croagunk Cheebee
Has a few marks that can easily be removed.

12.00 OBO

Weavile Ensky? Stamper
In excellent condition.

15.00 OBO

McDonald's ORAS Pikachu MIP- 4.00
McDonald's B/W Pikachu MIP- 3.00
McDonald's B/W Reshiram MIP- 5.00

McDonald's B/W Axew (packaging opened)- 2.50
McDonald's X/Y Helioptile- 2.50

McDonald's B/W Axew (Loose)- 2.00
McDonald's B/W Servine (Loose)- 2.00
McDonald's B/W Pikachu (Loose)- 2.00
McDonald's B/W Zorua (Loose)- 2.00

4TH ROW: Free with purchase

Ash kid, Zoroark w/Box- 4.50 each
Manaphy, Laying Manaphy- 3.00
Chatot, Mantyke- 2.50

Zorua Keychain w/Box- 6.00

Dialga Jakks- 4.00
Muk Burger King Keychain- 4.00
Gachapon(?) Dialga Roller- 5.00

Ho-oh TFG (broken)- 2.00
Snivy Jakks (broken)- 1.00
Lucario Figure (bootleg)- 1.50
Pikachu Clip- 2.00
Spearow TOMY- 2.00

Keldeo Bottlecap Figure MIP- 5.00
Genesect...thing MIP- 4.00

SOLD: Shaymin Roller

Kyurem Figure MIP- 10.00

All books in photo above 2.00 each

Platinum Guide- 5.00

Diamond/Pearl era card binder with 30+ cards inside, including 4 holos- 15.00 OBO

Banpresto 1998/99 Pikachu Light WORKS- 15.00 SOLD

Diamond/Pearl era Handkerchief, never been used- 5.00 (2 available)

Keldeo Battrio Case Set NIB- 10.00

B/W sticker book, all stickers intact- 4.00
Legendary Dog Trio Mini Card binder- 3.00

SOLD: Shaymin Notepad, Articuno Deck Box

Korean Thermos, never been used- 8.00

Mysterious Treasures TCG display (Really warped and damaged)- Free with purchase

Thanks for looking!

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Could I get a quote for the Articuno deck box to the US please? :) Think I asked about it last time haha but I plan to buy it this time haha! XD

Hi! Your total would come to $9.52 after shipping + PP fees. If that sounds good to you, please send payment to Jenny.braman33@gmail.com and put your username/what you bought in the notes. :)

Payment sent! :D I put the US address in the memo section! :) Let me know if you need me to PM it to you as well! :) Thanks! ^-^

Payment received, thank you! It will be shipped out tomorrow.

Hi there! :) Just a quick message to let you know that I've received the Articuno deck box and left you some feedback! :) Sorry it took so long! XD

Hey there! I'm interested in the Pikachu banpresto light and tried to look up some other pictures of it online and found nothing. So I've got some questions about it before I commit. I was curious to know how much light it puts off, the size of the item, and if it is broken at all (didn't see his tail). Any help would be great. Thanks! ^_^

Hello! It measures 5 inches tall from base to the tip of the ear.

I've tested it before and it does work, but unfortunately since the light bulb has gone dry. I'm going to go out and buy a new light bulb and can send you a pic of it lit up afterwards, but when lit up it gives off a decent glow.

It's not broken at all, it just has a few paint rubs. The tail is molded against the back of the Pikachu which is why you couldn't see it.

If you want me to put it on hold for you until I get a new bulb, I'd be happy to do so. :)

Hey, that would really be cool if you wouldn't mind doing that for me. If you would put it on hold, I would really appreciate that too. Looking into getting this for my future kid to be's night light haha.

I got the new lightbulb, thanks for being so patient :)

Here's some pictures of it lit up: http://elekid.livejournal.com/4112.html

Thank you for the updated pictures! After much deliberation with my significant other, we have decided that it's worth trying out as a little night light for our kid that's on the way. What would it be to get it shipped to US 35043?

Wonderful! I hope your little one will love it.

It would be 15.00 + 3.94 for shipping and 0.87 in paypal fees, for a total of $19.81. If that sounds good to you, please send payment to Jenny.braman33@gmail.com and leave your username and what you purchased in the notes section. :)

Sounds good! Payment sent your way. Thank you :)

(Deleted comment)
Unfortunately shipping has had an increase recently, so it's a little steeper than I anticipated D:

8.00 + 4.54 shipping + 0.68 in PP fees would total it to $13.22.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, great! Please send payment to Jenny.Braman33@gmail.com and put your username/what you're purchasing in the comments :)

I'll get it out tomorrow!

(Deleted comment)

Shipping would be 4.54 + 0.92 in PP fees, for a total of 21.46.

If that sounds good to you, please send payment to Jenny.Braman33@gmail.com and put your username/what you purchased in the notes section. :)

(Deleted comment)
I got the Croagunk from Animeraro years ago, and and I'm positive all the stuff they sell is legit. The residue of the Shopro sticker is still there, no idea why it's missing though. If I had to guess, it looks like it had another big sticker over the whole tag and someone decided to peel everything off.

And Ivysaur is basically mint, aside from being tush tag only.

If you have any other questions I'm happy to answer!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I totally understand, I worry about bootlegs/rejects too. If it does end up not being official (which I highly doubt, but just in case), let me know and I'll refund you for it.

I'll ship your items out to you tomorrow or friday, unfortunately I shipped all my packages out this morning so I'll ship yours out with the next batch. :)

I really like that Marill plush but I have no money. Dang it.

(Deleted comment)
I'm really sorry, I didn't realize how attached I was to it and I don't think I can give it up. :( if I do decide to sell it in the future I'll be sure to contact you if you haven't obtained one by then!

Can I get a quote for the oshawott keychain plush to 54601? :3

Hi! Shipping + PP fees would add up to 3.43, making a total of 6.43.

If this sounds good to you please send payment to Jenny.braman33@gmail.com, and leave your username/what you purchased in the notes section. :)

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