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The grail has arrived!
I received a bloated priority mail box on my porch step today...that can only mean one thing!

You can only trust a plush toy to open up a package with safety scissors.

Here is the little misprint in all his glory! As of what I know from discussions with other people on the comm, only 3 of these misprint Hasbro Raichus are known to exist. So neat! Mine is in pretty loved condition as you can see, but it makes me happy to know this misfit was loved even in its' previous lives.

side by side pictures of the two.

Also, if anyone is curious, this is what else I got in the lot...

...and this is everything I got that will be going up for sale!

Thanks for looking through! If anyone is interested in trading for/buying any of the extras I'm putting up for sale, feel free to let me know.